Two Tone was formed in January 2019. An online-only store, it was conceptualised as an avenue to share the interests of its founders- fitness apparel, home décor/novelty items and bar/kitchen supplies. Run by a two-person team, with support from close family and friends, our company’s mission is to provide quality, fun and affordable products and our vision is to pioneer a new dimension of shopping in Trinidad and Tobago. Our focus is on providing fun, extraordinary and colourful merchandise, as exemplified by our tagline- colouring your world, one product at a time.

Why Two Tone?

The name “Two Tone” is a witty take on incorporating the founders’ names, both nicknamed Tone.

What we believe in:

Our philosophy is to inspire and bring joy, through our products and the way that we conduct business. As much as we can, we support small business brands, whether local or foreign. If we’re not buying directly from the small business that made the product, we’re buying from a small business that is selling it. It’s very important to us to know the story of every business that we support.